Create your Balance in 2016 on a Positive Note

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Create Balance in your Life in 2016 on a Positive Note!


Oh my gosh! We LOVE this idea!

This January start the year with
an empty jar.
Each week add a note with
something good
that happened.
Next New Years Eve,
open the jar and read
about the great year you had!

We even created a free printable label for your jar along with a sheet for your memories!

Memory Jar PDF

Memory Jar DOC


Request:  Please take a picture of your jar and post it on our FB page!

Yours in Wellness,

Dawn & Kate

P.S.  You can use any container you wish! The fun thing about a clear container is that you can SEE it filling up with positive notes!

If you do not have anything around the house to use, visit our online store by clicking here and you can shop for a container and get paid Cash Back on your purchase!

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