2014 Resolution Revolution

Weight Management


by Dawn Grossi

LMT, TLS Coach


 As you may already know, customization is important to us, because as much as  we are all the same, we are each and everyone one of us, unique and different. One size fits all beliefs when it pertains to weight management plans, dietary needs and intake, lifestyles, etc. do not work for everyone. What works for one family member may not work in its entirety or at all for another. What works for you at 30 something may not work for you at 40 something.

About seven years ago, I needed to change my diet and I wanted to change my way of life; No-Dashboard-Dining

at the time, I was on the “dashboard  diet”.  I was always on the run and eating fast food from drive thrus and sitting in the parking lot eating most of my daily meals.  I could easily eat cheese burgers and drink diet cola for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Ugh! It gives me the creeps just thinking about it!  Having come from a family history of diabetes and overweight family members, though I was not overweight- I was pretty much guaranteed to seal my fate as an overweight diabetic individual sooner rather than later!




I decided that I wanted to find a weight management program that was customizable to me and my unique needs for the long and short term. Because of my family history of diabetes, I also wanted to learn how to live a lifestyle that would encompasses low-glycemic impact eating, behavior modification and body composition and have an extensive plan that covered everything I would need to get fit and trim, not just a set of foods I could and could not eat. It was important to find something that was going to guide me in learning to make healthy choices while still eating a normal, diverse diet, unlike “fad diets” (For the sake of those around me, I did not want to look or feel like the guy on the left!).

Education, support, accountability and behavior modification were going to be keys to my success in changing my lifestyle. It was important for me to learn how make dietary choices geared toward low glycemic eating, keeping my body in fat burning mode and my energy levels high. Heaven knows that my dietary intake and current lifestyle was not doing that in any way shape or form.  I cannot even imagine what shape or form I would be in if I did not stop the madness…(shudder!).

As a result of my family history of diabetes, I was aware that there was a major benefit to low-GI impact eating and learning how to identify new favorite foods, creating new, healthy behaviors, and improving body composition to get my metabolism operating in high gear would help me ditch the “dashboard diet”.


I was fortunate to have been introduced to a program calledTLS® Weight Management Solution by one of my closest friends, a self proclaimed dieter who had previously tried a well known program that was initially successful in her losing weight, but it did not foster a lifestyle that would maintain a healthy weight.  I embraced the program in full and though I was not focused on losing weight, I did lose pounds and inches in the waist, arms and legs!  Over the years I have changed a lot of other things in my life and TLS has been so very adaptable.  Even while going through treatment for triple negative breast cancer since June 2013, I was able to apply everything I had learned and lived years previously.

Not long after starting the TLS program, I decided to become a TLS Coach.  Along with Kate, I want to invite you (and we encourage you to invite others!) to learn more about TLS!  Furthermore, we invite anyone to Join the Revolution Resolution!

Wouldn’t it be great to stop making weight loss and fitness resolutions every year? Learn how to get fit, burn fat and get the body you want. You will learn what you need to support a lifestyle customized to fit you! Join us and make this the last year you will ever need a weight loss resolution!

Email us at custombodytherapy@gmail.com with questions or for more information. We look forward to working with you!

Yours in Health & Wellness,

Dawn and Kate 

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